Saturday, January 29, 2011

It begins!

So i started a litter yesterday, and some today. However i am to tired to do much more. I had to work for 6am today.

 This is the aida, and how big it is. Th tissue box is just to show how big it really is. when i was doing the border i was thinking to myself. Holy crap this is bigger then i thought. I belive this will take me 2yrs possibly less.

This is all i have done so far. i really want to do more, but jus to darn tired. I wish i could xstitch at work. lol When i work as an call in IT, i use to sit there and stitch while i waited for the customers to reboot their computers. I wonder what other jobs out there that you can do and stitch at the same time. I can tell you doing a phone job and stitching really helped me from not going crazy. The did eventually take away doing anything other then looking at your computer and talking to the customer. that's then i said FU i am out a here. That and i was starting collage.  and thus ends my rant.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Starting a New Project

Is always scary. You have this giant piece of Aida staring at you, all rolled up, stiff, and clean. You think were do i start, how do i measure this out correctly, 'OMG I hope I don't screw up!!'

But once you get started you become more and more excited. 'Wow this is going to great' , 'I can't wait to get started' I try to remember this moment, cause we all know soon you will begin to think, "why did I start this in the first place, its so huge.' And some times you get so frustrated that all you want to do, is put it down, and never look at it again.

This is the photo of Link and Zelda, from Twilight Princess. I Orginaly wanted to do a Orcrina of time Stitch, However there wasn't any photos that i liked enough. I find that Zelda:TP is darker in its imagery. And I like that.
Stitch Count: 402w x 321h
Finished size: 24' x 19' (61cm x 48cm)
57 Colours

This is all the stuff I will need to start getting down to Business. Time to start...